Friday , May 1 2020

The importance of environmental health and safety

A better live comes for human beings from an environmental health safety ehs. The stability of life is not so easy that you can, at any cost get any time by offering your own. In addition, I can add one more thing that goes to side- it’s you who are responsible to create such a situation where every people feels a satisfactory level of living. So, more to know about an environmental health and safety there are ways that you can adopt to maintain your globe you are living in.

uot;text-align: justify;”>Social safety: Every type of safety is our crying need. You have just become a social being. This is true. But to sustain with the society, you require the surroundings so compatible where all your demands met by your social environment.

Say for example, the oxygen, you take air comes from tree. If not available, it is impossible for to live there. So, this is easily assumable the importance of the social safety.

environmental health and safetyIndustrial hygiene: The discussion brings an industrial issue when we are in details with environmental health and safety. If industries nearby, you must be in hazardous situation from a toxic carbon aired every day from the activities of industries. For, health safety, we, all should b care about odd installation industries here and there. We have to make social network to protect the ill-works risky for society.


Fire prevention: It is one of the important issues of environmental health and safety. We know that fire has a all day requirement of use for different types of works. If you count it with your safety mentality, it comes first to save from fire accident.

Because an unprecedented incident may cost lives and property that never come back. So, in an adamant of caring issue, fire should be the first line of the health safety. This is why, the handling the fire should be more critical than other things we use in our daily life. In this way we can save our society from a danger unrecoverable.

There are lot of issues that tell about our environmental health and safety. Every issue, is not very simple. But we have to take care of them to mainly save our health.

We have to take steps to purify the place where we have to live generations after generations. The following issues are very much important to ponder to check for lives- personal protection, general safety, medical safety, road safety etc.

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