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A Concerning Topic High Blood Pressure

Human body runs through a system or procedure every moment. It is nothing but like another machine. It also needs foods fuel as well as proper maintenance and care. Various types of systems and processes are running continuously in our body without any break.

By any chance, if one of the procedures stops, the body will fail to fail. For that reason knowing the simple functions and the proper maintenance of the body is essential for all.

Blood pressure is such a normal and regular body function which is a very straightforward and compulsory incidence of the body. Blood travels through the whole body as a regular system through the blood arteries. So, it makes contact with the wall of the vessel. Being a simple procedure, it is an important fact of our body.

What is high blood pressure?

While flowing through the vessels, the pressure the blood creates on the wall of the vessels is known as blood pressure or BP in short. There is a normal range of blood pressure for every age of people. When the blood creates excess pressure on the wall of the arteries than the normal level, it is known as high blood pressure.
40 – 44                                                            125                                                                                  83
45 – 49                                                            127                                                                                   84
50 – 54                                                            129                                                                                   85
55 – 59                                                            131                                                                                   86
60 – 64                                                            134                                                                                   87

If one’s blood pressure exceeds this average level, he or she is at risk of getting high blood pressure. So, for primary prevention, this list should be known to all.

high blood pressureWays to prevent:

It is not so tough to control the blood pressure limit. You can do this easily only by maintaining some rules at your home. Here are some ways to prevent your blood pressure.

1. Be relaxed and tension free always. When you are tensed for some reason, your blood pressure rises automatically.

2. Have a balanced diet. Don’t go through a diet containing excessive fat or fewer fruits and vegetables.

3. Grow up the habit of little exercise every day. Exercise keeps your body and minds fresh as well as controls your blood pressure limit.

4. If blood pressure increases suddenly, drink a cup of tamarind water. It will help lowering your bold pressure level.

High blood pressure may lead to many other diseases like the heart attack or heart failure and stroke. However, if it is controlled at the proper time, you can get rid of the increasing risks.

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