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Home remedies for bv at a glance

Bacterial vaginosis is a type of disease related to a vagina infection. In this situation, there are numbers of bad and good bacteria stay in vagina. So, after having home remedies for bv, the contradiction of both bacteria-good and bad occur a light infection in vagina. Those common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are- excessive vaginal discharge, bad odor, itching and sometimes paining during urination.
When Yogurt is rich with the good bacteria lactobacillus that helps fight for bad bacteria. In addition, it helps to maintain vaginal related pH balance.

home remedies for bvTee tree oil:

It contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial substances that are quite enough to kill the germs that cause BV. It has a nice smell and works better for home remedies for BV.


The common plant is very helpful antibiotic and antifungal. The properties in it keep the bad bacteria checked. As a result it does not acts as it own. So, it is a thing in wonder for home remedies for bv.


It, no doubt, helps increases the PH levels in the vagina. Otherwise, it is also very functional to boost the vaginal immune system that helps speeding up the healing process.


Milk, the cheap and vigorous lactobacilli with a strong natural cure for bacterial vaginosis. Otherwise, it gets the immune system healthy and protects vagina from any other diseases of bacterial issues.

Coconut oil:

This is full with the natural antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. So, all of them are enemies of the diseases like bacterial vaginosis. It kill all the germs from vagina and stop it from recurring for next.

Indian Lilac:

Indian lilac, the other name is neem or margosa. The main compounds of the lilac works against bacterial vaginosis. It also reduces inflammation and itching. Otherwise, it a great medic for skin diseases. And for the BV, it kills germs and gets rid of infection.

Tea bags:

Though looking simple and unbelievable, but works well for vagina infection. The presence of tannins rich tea bags have astringent and antibiotic properties that relieve from burning, inflammation, swelling and irritation.

Oregano oil:

The every compounds in the oregano such as antifungal, antibacterial are always keen to fight against any bacterial vaginosis related inflammation. As a result, the vaginosis diseases get themselves away from it. So, it is very effective as home remedies for bv.

The oral prescription: As we know that the bacterial vaginosis is not a very simple disease for woman. So, you should be very careful of reasons that may happen the problem. To be clean and frequent doctor’s suggestion may keep you get rid of the problems. Even the above home remedies for bv, should be your great idea that you can use them home at your better time. Remember that, the natural treatment is a treatment that has no any side effect. So, it’s natural and works well.

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