Thursday , April 30 2020

Medicinal properties of kalonji

We all know less about the healthy quality of Black cumin. kalonji scientific name Nigella sativa. It is a medium-sized seasonal tree. Calzira oil contains more than 100 useful ingredients. The amount of amish in it 21%, Sugar 38%, Herbal oils and fats 35%. Besides Black cumin is in oil Linoleic acid, oleic acid, calcium, tassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, niacin and vitamin C. It also contains anti-cancer carotene and strong hormone, various anti-urinary tract elements, digestive enzymes and antibacterial ingredients and anti-acidosis.

But we are not all aware of its rules of use. There are many different uses of Black cumin  .  Black herbs are used in almost all herbal medicines.  Heart problems, To increase the memory strength, To cure headaches, In the cold, Various types of dermatitis In addition, Black cumin  is used as an antidote to many different complex diseases. Blood pressure is controlled by drinking one teaspoon of kaljiro oil equivalent to honey every 2/3 days. Black cumin to relieve asthma or breathing problems kastajanita

Malignancy of Kalonji :

There are no side effects of Black cumin, however, kelzira oil should not be used during pregnancy and infants under the age of two. However, it can be used externally.

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