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The delicious Mediterranean diet recipes

Mediterranean diet recipes

According to the Global Positioning System, every country has its own position. However, the countries are embedded on the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea called Mediterranean countries. The countries are Algeria, Albania, Croatia, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Monaco, Slovenia, Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Libya, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Montenegro and Syria.

The countries and their diet recipes are world famous.  Because to intake the diets lower the risk of cancer, have a better cardiovascular health and save people from Alzheimer’s disease for a long life to go. Actually, the mediterranean diet recipes mostly include vegetables for every pack of diet.

The foods are in lower fat, healthy oils, different types of fruits and vegetables. The delicious and healthy recipes are well known to the world who are used to take them as healthful and nutritious. Therefore, there are some important recipes are broken down below.

mediterranean diet recipesCreamy Panini:

It is a Mediterranean sandwich of mediterranean diet recipes. The healthiest and simple style Panini recipe includes roasted red peppers, vegetables, Basil, black olives, cheese, olive oil and color. The vitamin C rich-sandwich is very delicious and gives a satisfaction in mind.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad:

For the conscious people who are worried about their weight loss, this is a right recipe that is able to burn 25% more calories day. Artichoke hearts and peas combined salad contains more than 8 grams of fiber for every serve. The mouthwatering and healthful pasta salad is really effective for your health. The health conscious people are  to follow mediterranean diet recipes.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad:

The Mediterranean Tuna salad is an ideal food that contains zero fat. The delicious Tuna salad contains 2 grams of natural fiber that is helpful to cut fat and helps to burn more than 200 grams of calories from our body. Otherwise, the nutritious ingredients such as scallions, olive, capers, wheat bread or crackers  make it tasty and healthy.

Mediterranean Halibut Sandwiches:

Monounsaturated fats and proteins are the major compound of this recipe. Monounsaturated fats have a great contribution to our health that increase HDL, the good cholesterol and decrease the LDL, the bad cholesterol for our health. The outstanding Mediterranean recipe is also a good supplier of Halibut that is rich in selenium and mineral filled with antioxidant properties to keep the thyroid function stable. Otherwise, the diet supplies a healthy immune system.

mediterranean diet recipes

Seafood grill with Skordalia:

Skordalia is a type of recipe that includes Greek potato sauce, olive oil, garlic and the other healthful ingredients. This is generally a pack of seafood dish for the tourists. It mainly takes Halibut, but you can add any fish as per your choice.

The mouthwatering flavor of lemon juice, dried thyme and zest induces people to  take without any prior request to cook. The Zucchini and vitamin C-rich red peppers are the main ingredients of Skordalia. It is nice to taste when you have a tour to the beach on Mediterranean Sea.

The above mediterranean diet recipes are sample of a list. But there are lot of items to mention for you. They are Chickpea Patties, Mediterranean Detox Salad, Mediterranean Salmon Recipe. And Mediterranean Shrimp and Pasta, Greek-Style Picnic Salad, Mediterranean Stuffed Tomatoes, Warm Olives with Rosemary, Mediterranean Breakfast Couscous and much many more.



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