Saturday, December 10

A Toxic Element for Human Poison Ivy Rash

There are many toxic elements around us. The toxic elements are not only found from chemical agents or any plastic thing made by man. Also, some natural elements like some trees or leaves can be proved as toxic for skin or other body organs of a human. Scientists have identified these and named scientifically.

Today we are going to discuss such a toxic plant which is poisonous to our skin. The leaves of this plant mainly show toxic effects to our outer parts of the body which mean skin. This is mostly known as poison ivy rash. In some other places, it is also called eastern poison ivy. It is a kind of flowering shrub shaped plant with woody stems which is like climbing vine. It needs another tree or stick as a support.

poison ivy rashWhat is poison ivy rash?

We have already known that it is a kind of poisoning effect on our skin which is caused by a natural plant around us named Eastern poison ivy. The scientific name of this plant is Toxicodendron radicans.

This plant is mostly found in North American or Asian region. There is a kind of oil in the leaves which are responsible for the poisoning effect mainly. It is named urushiol and is found in the plant’s sap. It is a clear liquid compound. The plant has green leaves in summer, but in fall or spring, they turn into orange, red or yellow in color. Mainly the plant grows in seasonal flooding or brackish water.

However, interesting information about this plant is it is counted under the almond and cashew family, not in real ivy. Isn’t it wondering?

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