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A Common Infection of Human Staph Infection

From our childhood, we are very familiar with a well-known proverb which goes that “health is wealth” although we were not able to understand at that time that how important the health is for our life.

However, seriously health is proved as the greatest wealth and achievement throughout a human’s life. Without sound health, there is no complete happiness. If you are physically ill and a lot of your favorite things are there in front of you, you cannot enjoy them properly.

A healthy body can fight against several germs and antigens. In contrast, a body with a lower immunity system is at high risk of getting affected with any infection or some diseases.

Infections are mainly the result of the attack of different virus or bacteria. When they see any wound, rash or something like that in a less immunized body, they attack the place quickly. As a result, infection occurs.

What is the staph infection?

Today we are going to discuss one such disease which is named ‘staph infection.’ The word comes from Staphylococcus bacteria. So, this infection can also be named as ‘staphylococcus infection. Staphylococcus is mainly a clutch of bacteria which can cause various types of diseases.

These bacteria can straightly infect our body or produce toxic substances in other previous wounds which will later turn into staphylococcus infection. Some examples of staphylococcus infection are food poisoning, boils, toxic shock syndrome, impetigo, and cellulitis.

staph infectionCauses of Staph infection:

This kind of disease carrying people do not show any symptom most of the time. For about 25% people, the staph infection can be found in the anal area, mouth, genital area, nose or feet. When the bacteria affects a wounded place, it turns into a honey-yellow crust look.

Some people who take antibiotic more than usual dose, become resistant to antibiotics. This type of individuals is more vulnerable to the infection. Because antibiotics like penicillin mainly treat this infection.

However, because of resistance problem doctors are using the higher power of antibiotics for this infection. The symptoms of this disease include swelling, redness, warmth, pain, and so on. Along with these symptoms the affected person may also have a low-grade fever.

Prevention of Staph infection:

An English proverb goes,” prevention is better than cure.” So, prevention of any disease or infection is 1000 times better than to cure it after the occurrence. The primary prevention of this infection, as well as other problems, is to take as less antibiotic as you can.

Unless it is an urgent condition, please don’t take any antibiotic especially without doctor’s prescription. It will harm you in the long run. If you have any cut or injury by any cause, immediately wash it with antibacterial soap and water. Of course, it should be kept clean, dry and covered up so that it cannot contaminate other places of the body as well as other persons.

If your infection turns into a dangerous state, don’t wait and consult with the doctor immediately. Finally, keep yourself safe from any type contagious disease.


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