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Situations that require an urgent care immediately

An urgent care is such a situation of a living soul that requires an urgent call for care for somebody. It generally meets when a man feels him in a life threatening emergencies such as serious bodily injury, heart attack issues, head injury, any fatal accident and more critical situations.

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We people are not caring about the situations- emergency care and urgent care. Otherwise, we do not try to know about unless fall in one of them. But this is true that an urgent care never substitutes for emergency care. The details are below.

urgent careEmergency care: In our general sense, we know an emergency condition that can permanently endanger a life of a man. If a man is considered as to be a critical, then he is sent to the emergency care unit of a hospital. In this minor concept, you can comprehend the aspect of an emergency care for a patient.

It includes-

  • Breathing difficulty or severe chest pain that needs and emergency care.
  • Bone fracture in an unexpected accident also requires emergency care.
  • The loss of consciousness is also a risky situation and needs to hurry up.
  • Fever of a newborn must come under critical situation.
  • Huge bleeding that needs immediately first aid to save a man from life-risk danger.
  • Gunshot wounds need to bullet out from injury.
  • Acute abdomen pain leaves man intolerable.
  • Head and back pain attack a man madly.
  • Severely burnt patient never helps him staying home.
  • Pregnancy related case must appeal for an emergency help.
  • Signs of heart attack and stroke must compel you to have an emergency care and
  • Suicidal case, loss of vision, slurred voice, sudden numbness and weakness are also enlisted to demand an emergency care.


Urgent care: On the other hand, it is not the same issue as the emergency care. It does not require the care for the patients instantly but in 24 hours of time. The situations or problems that require an immediate care are-

  • A minor accident and falling simply on the ground that is not needed to be hurry for hospital. The primary treatment may relieve it from any danger.
  • Sprains and strains that does not bring death instantly. So, it’s a member of this care.
  • Light back pain is not also a must-go-to hospital immediately of the pain.
  • Moderate asthma problem that may be seen for a frequent times in a day is also not a serious case needs getting into hospital instantly.
  • A mild bleeding, x-rays, any laboratory test, eye irritation, light fever of flue, vomiting, cough, skin infection and urinary tract infection are the problems that must not rush to hospitals or physicians.


Think every disease is serious: Whatever the differences are between the Emergency care and Urgent care, but we have to be serious for both. Because a minor danger may turn into a fatal one. However, we all should be careful about any critical situation and will take the necessary treatments whether it is urgent care or emergency care. Never be late. Be happy with healthy life.

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